Winter’s Coming! But Not Yet!

Winter isn’t here quite yet but in New York, but winter doesn’t creep up. Last week it was 75 degrees. This morning it was a whopping 38 Degrees and Sophie had to wear her hoodie.

While it may not be snowing just yet, I’m certainly cooking like it is here at Cafe Martin. First up, Mom’s Pot Roast –

One bite and I felt like I was home. Thank god for our insanely large dutch oven (wedding gift, oh yeah), cooking it was a breeze. Slather some chuck roast with horseradish and cook away for hours until the meat falls off of the bone and melts in your mouth. Side it with a heaping pile of roast garlic mashed potatoes and we can kick winter’s ass!

Next on our cold weather cooking menu, pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips and cream cheese filling. So moist, thanks to the cream cheese and hearty, thanks to the pumpkin. Finally a baking experiment gone right! I combined three of my favorite recipes which you can find here, here and here.

As if pumpkin muffins aren’t enough, I baked up some of Ina Garten’s insanely spicy and delicious ultimate ginger cookies for Joel’s birthday. Recipe here. The molasses-laden batter (you must always try it out, right?) isn’t at all indicative of what is to come. Highly recommend this recipe, I’ve already made it again, twice!

Lastly, a new cold weather favorite has been placed on the menu at Cafe Martin; Mac and cheese with cauliflower. This mac and cheese recipe had been calling my name for weeks. I was just waiting for the cold to kick in so we could enjoy some good old fashioned comfort food. I did adjust the recipe a bit to meet our likes including adding paprika, Greek yogurt and maple smoked cheddar. Try out your own variations, there is no wrong way to make mac + cheese.



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