Another Warrior Is On the Mesa

I had never seen Tron until this summer. I had, however, been mocked for years because I hadn’t seen it until this summer. One night when nothing else was on, Joel finally persuaded me to watch the original Tron.

Lets just say I thought it was … Excellent. Why hadn’t I only watched it until this summer?!

Yes, the graphics are dated, but they are still pretty awesome for their time. Plus the story was full of technologically advanced ideas (nerd alert!). I was so in awe with the movie that I even based Joel’s most recent birthday card on it.

After all was said and watched, I started to become giddy about the upcoming ‘sequel’, Tron Legacy. I can’t wait to see the how the story has evolved since we last left the characters. I also am very excited to see not only the amazing, up-to-date visual effects, but also to hear the soundtrack created by my favorite – Daft Punk!

Tickets are already on sale for NYC showings. Joel was amazing and got ours for the IMAX 3D version just in time for my birthday. Score!

Get yours here.


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