Things We’re Liking This Week

Yes, yes, I know it’s been a while since we shared our ‘Ten Things’ so I thought I’d give a quick update of some links, fashion, etc., that we’ve noticed recently –

First and most importantly, I’ve been obsessing over Pandora lately but namely my Disco Pandora station. It’s amazing. I makes me dance in my chair. I forgot how great The Hustle can be.

I came upon this jewelry from another favorite blog, Nitrolicious. I especially adore the African Collection, see here.

Another blog I have discovered that makes me want to move out West ever more (if that’s possible) is MOD based out of Portland, it features West coast design from fashion to art. Good stuff.

Whiskey Stones! These have been around for a bit, yet I still don’t have them! And any of you who know me, know I love my Scotch (perhaps that’s the Irish in me?) You can get them here. This shop, btw, (ThinkGeek) is not too shabby itself.

I am very disappointed in myself for not finding this one earlier – The Smitten Kitchen! This girl cooks and cooks well, in a tiny space, like me! I’m dying to make this deliciousness.

And finally, because Christmas is ALMOST here, check out these uber awesome takes on traditional gingerbread houses here.

*As Christmas IS almost here, I must shamelessly plug my shop. 2 Day Priority Delivery and free amazingly beautiful gift wrapping!


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