Sharon is ALMOST 30

It was my birthday last week and Joel sure made it a great one! There seems to be a new trend brewing in birthday land called ‘birth week’. Joel had it, all of my friends had it, and now I had experienced it —

We started the celebrations on my actual birthday with The Yelp Snowball. It was a let down, but we did get a taste of my favorite shrimp roll from Luke’s Lobster. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned them before, or enough, but their lobster and shrimp rolls (my fav!) are simply perfect. In fact, that’s all I actually wanted to eat on my birthday.

Aside from shrimp rolls, we escaped the Yelp Ball with a great photo booth style picture (with props!) from the Magnolia Photo Booth

Since we were in the Flatiron District, we made out way to my ultimate NYC restaurant, Eleven Madison Park, for cocktails and cheese. We sat at the bar only to find out that 1) they still make the best Blood & Sands around and 2) they got rid of their cheese cart, namely the Aria! Holy crap – What a birthday letdown! What a culinary left down! I must say, it’ll take a while to get over that and head back for a meal — since each meal started with me yearning for the end: the cheese cart.

Next up, the Hurricane Club. We celebrated Joel’s birthday here so it only seemed fitting. After a few delicious cocktails and lots of entertainment, we took ourselves home. ‘Birth Week” had begun.

We continued with more shrimp rolls, amazing birthday cards, new jeans and a trip to Smith Street, Brooklyn. Stops included the “never lets me down” Zombie Hut for frozen zombies (that 151 gets me every time!) and Angry Wades for whiskey and beer. Good company and good whiskey completed my night!

My body was hurting for days from all of our fun, but it was worth it. Won’t be much longer that I can still party like a 20-something! Thanks to all, especially my love, for another great birthday!


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