Murray’s Cheese Caves

Joel and I have quite a passion for all things cheesy so when we discovered that Murray’s Cheese in the West Village of NYC was holding classes, we signed up.

Our class of choice was “Mystery of the Caves” instructed by Michael Anderson. When I hear ‘caves’  I think of a natural, dank, dark underground space. This was not the case. These caves were underground – a NYC basement counts, I suppose. However, they were not very dark and dank nor natural. In fact these ‘caves’ were just hollowed out concrete refrigerators with wooden doors. It was not what we expected at all. Yes, they smelled of moldiness, feet, and ammonia as any cheese storage should but they were very disappointing.

After the ‘cave’ portion of the class ended, we made our way to the classroom to actually taste the cheese. This is when I expected everything to get better. We were served 5 types of cheese raging from mild goat’s to stinky cow’s milk cheeses. All were only OK, nothing really wowed us. Joel made the statement that every cheese we tried, we’ve had the better version already. It was true – the sample cheese were all milder, lesser versions of the cheeses we already know and love.

We did leave the tasting liking one cheese – Haystack Mountain Haystack Peak. We sampled a young version as well as the fully aged version that Murray’s Cheese sells. The young was our favorite and no matter how much we asked, they refused to sell it to us. “We only sell the aged version” they stated.

After the class, we were invited to shop in the store. I was excited to take a look around and try some more cheese but nonetheless, we were disappointed again – the shop had closed! Anything that wasn’t out and already packaged wasn’t up for grabs. In fact, NONE of the cheeses we had tried that evening were available. If anything, that is just poor customer service.

Joel and I left our cheese class cheese-less and with a stinky taste in our mouth for Murray’s Cheese.


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