Boozin’ It Up

Joel and I have been MIA a bit lately, but we’re back now! And isn’t that what matters? Besides, we’ve been busy trying whiskey.

We joined Zip Car. It was finally the time to do it and considering we will NEVER own a car in NYC, Zip Car seems to be the way to go. We won’t likely be using it too often in the winter, but hello Long Island Farmers Markets, come spring and summer.

For MLK day, Joel and I woke up super early and took a car upstate for a booze tour. New York is chock full of good beer and whiskey and we wanted to head to the source. Unfortunately, we took this trip on a Monday, when not  many businesses are open. But alas! We did find a few…

To start, we drove to Woodberry Common Premium Outlets and spent a good 3 hours wondering through the stores. It was hard to tear ourselves away but we managed only after packing the trunk chock full of goodies.

Next up, whiskey! Joel and I have a grand affinity towards good scotch and whiskey so we made it a point to visit Tuthilltown Distillery. It was a bit out-of-the-way, but the scenery was beautiful. Nothing compares to dusk in upstate New York when it has just snowed. Blankets of white covered the vast fields of the Hudson Valley creating the most perfect road trip. Aside from the snow and scenery, there was great whiskey at the end of the road! Tuthilltown offers a tasting of 3 of their fine beverages so Joel and I each tried our own 3 libations. We sampled such goods as the Hudson Manhattan Rye, Hudson Valley Baby Bourbon Whiskey and Heart of the Hudson Vodka. All were delicious but we ended up taking home some Rye and Vodka, both extremely great served straight up in a thin glass.

After our whiskey tasting, we got a bit hungry and drove over to the Gilded Otter Brewery in New Paltz. This brewery is both restaurant and beer producer which makes for a perfect meal in our opinion. We got some light snacks and tried several of their locally produced beers. Everything was good, but not good enough for a growler fill, which is all they offered ‘to go’. So we moved on to our next stop —

Half Time! Half time a-ma-zaing. They are a beer supplier unlike anyone you ever seen before. They carry every single style, brand and type of beer you could imagine. They even had a favorite of ours in case from  – Kona Brewery Beer! Another awesome gimmick of theirs is that you do no need to buy a six-pack, you can mix and match your beers by the bottle. Joel and I trolled the shelves for almost an hour and found not only some of our favorites but also many new beers to try. If only Half Time wasn’t a car ride away! Or maybe it is better than we can’t buy that much good beer all of the time.

After filling our bellies and trunk with clothes, whiskey, vodka, beer, cheese curds and more beer, we decided it was time to head back towards the city. We’re running low on beer already, looks like a monthly trip to Half Time could be in order?

Take a look at ALL of our photos from the trip here and here!


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