Road Trip!

Joel, Sophie and I drove to Virgina this past weekend to celebrate baby Aubrie’s 1st birthday (!), visit family, see the Cherry Blossoms/nerd it up in D.C.

We decided a trip of this magnitude deserved a 4-day weekend so we packed Sophie in the back seat and took off early Friday morning. After driving through 4 states, our hunger arose. Thankfully, Joel had planned a Maryland crab cake detour! I had never tried true Maryland crab so it seemed a fitting meal when driving though a state renowned for their crab.

We made our way to Woody’s Crab House. It was packed at lunchtime (a good sign to us). We both opted for a crab cake with chips. I also slipped in some hush puppies because I will never, ever, pass them up. The crab was sweet, tender and delicious. A perfect stop along the way!

After lunch, we drove to our destination of Reston, VA and our hotel, the Weston Reston (try saying that 5 times fast). The Weston was great as always and we highly recommend – clean, comfortable and a nice, capable staff.

We settled ourselves in, put Sophie to bed and headed to see Aubrie and the rest of the family. Next up was several hours of being entertained by the birthday girl, dinner and a hilarious late night game of Balderdash.

As if Virgina wasn’t enough, Joel, his mom and I headed into D.C. for some nerding it up (sight seeing)! Luckily for us, the world famous DC Cherry Blossoms were in full bloom! A beautiful stroll along the Tidal Basin was preceeded by views of amazing artwork at the National Gallery of Art and a walk along the National Mall. Nerdiness fulfilled, we headed back to Virgina to enjoy the remainder of our visit.

After a great weekend with everyone, Joel and I slowly made our way back to NYC, but not without a final nerd stop. I’m a huge fan of all things historic so knowing that Mt. Vernon (the home of George Washington) was only a short ride south of our hotel, Joel made it a point to stop for me. Mt. Vernon was a bit crowded and very chilly but that did not stop me from enjoying its history and beautiful location on the Potomac River. *Did you know that Washington grew his own grains, milled them on-site and created rye whiskey out of them?!

Once again, on the road and hungry, our real final stop was for food (but of course). This time, for burgers and shakes at The Charcoal Pit. Full and satisfied, Joel and I were content to call our road trip complete and a success!


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