The MET in Spring

It’s spring and I’m in the mood to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art! Today, I headed to the other end of the island for a date with my favorite pieces of art.

A day at the MET for me starts out with a quick stop at Dean & Deluca for a café au lait and a muffin followed by enjoying it all on the steps of the museum, in the sun, people watching.

The MET’s current exhibit selections are limited but great, starting with Guitar Heroes. Guitar Heroes is in the lower exhibition area which is small but an interesting use of space. The selection of instruments shown is incredible. Vintage craftsmen such as Angelo Mannello and Nicolas Turturo are showcased by way of beautiful hand-carved mandolins with brass details and ivory. Modern style guitars from John Monteleone and John D’Angelico looks more like sculptures than musical instruments. It really is extraordinary to see what work and talent goes into creating such magnificent pieces of art. The exhibit runs through July 4th and I highly recommend seeing it.

Another interesting exhibit, conveniently located at the top of the stairs from Guitar Heroes is Thinking Outside the Box. In this exhibition, pieces from the permanent collection were carefully chosen to represent a wide variety of containers. From a large brass strongbox to snuffboxes to small ivory inlaid caskets. The details and materials used on all of the objects show just how much pride the artist’s took in their work.

Aside from the special exhibits, the MET has one of the most amazing permanent collections on the world. I especially love their vast Egyptian collection, all the Flemish paintings, the European furniture and Decorative Arts as well as the Asian Art Galleries.

My absolute favorite place in the whole city also happens to be at the MET. Astor Court, which was modeled after a Ming Dynasty scholar’s courtyard, has to be one of the most serene places in NY. It is tucked in the far reaches of the Asian Galleries, and most people have not discovered it. With a running fountain, light sunshine, manicured plants, sculpted rocks perfectly placed and a pond full of koi fish – you have the perfect Zen setting.

I’ve been to what are arguably the most important museums in the world (The Louvre, The Hermitage and the Tate Modern), yet the MET holds a special place in my heart and will continue to do so.


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