One Step Beyond – Dave1 DJ Set

Joel and I scored tickets to the Natural History Museum’s One Step Beyond. The show was headlined by Chromeo’s Dave1 who preformed a live DJ set.

His set was  nothing too unusual or extraordinary. He did throw in a song off of the new Holy Ghost! album which was great to hear live and loud, but overall it was a fairly mild set. Aside from Dave1, New York’s own Telephoned preformed a live set with covers of a variety of songs. The lead singer was very entertaining with her dance moves. We were however, not digging the nonstop plug of their name that was air-horned into every song/break in-between songs.

Amazingly, the best part of the night was the opening act Activaire.  They are a group of DJ’s who’ve preformed at One Step Beyond several times before. They had a fantastic record selection, mixed them well and made the crowd move as everyone started to head in for the night.

Even with the non awe-inspiring sets, One Step Beyond is usually a win-win situation. As Joel put it, “science + beats”  – can’t go wrong. The space is impressive and huge which makes for room to groove and enjoy the music as well as create the perfect environment for sound.


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