Food-Filled Weekend

When the weather gets nicer, so does the produce and my desire to eat and cook. I’ve been taking full advantage of the Spring produce both at Cafe Martin and in meals out and about in NYC.

Recently, stinging nettles have come into season. If you’ve never tried or worked with nettles before, be warned – they really do sting. It’s almost inevitable that you will feel the wrath of the nettle should you choose to cook with them, but the results are well worth it. I found a beautiful bunch at the Union Square Greenmarket and turned to my cookbook, Forgotten Skills of Cooking by Darina Allen. This book was a Christmas gift from my mom that keeps on giving. I knew that of all my books this one would have information on nettles being that the author is Irish and the first (and only!) other place I’ve tried nettles was in Ireland.

Joel and I are trying to eat less meat which is easier to do in the Spring and Summer. However, it is pretty difficult for a girl who loves bacon, Southern BBQ and Shake Shack. But like I said, we’re trying. In an effort to add bulk to our veggie choices, I cooked up some homemade falafel with a cilantro yogurt sauce, cucumbers, lettuce and feta. With meals like that, who misses meat!

Even though Cafe Martin is bustling, we took the time to try out a relatively new pizza joint from the owner of Sullivan Street Bakery, called Co. After our classy McCallan whiskey tasting, we thought that it was only right to enjoy some beer and pizza.

Co.’s pizza is made in a wood-fire oven which automatically puts me in the right state of mind. Their pizzas come out piping hot with a charred crust — pizza perfection! We sampled two of their selections, Pizza Rosa and the Ham and Cheese. Both were the absolute right choice to top off our evening. If you have no issues sitting incredibly close to 2 of your closest strangers, then Co. is the place for pizza on the West Side.


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