One More Dram of Whiskey Please!

I enjoy a glass of Scotch, neat, from time to time. So, when Joel heard that Macallan was having a tasting, we were in. The event was definitely a New York experience to be had.

Although it was set to rain on Friday, the crowds didn’t let up for this particular tasting. We were ushered into a large room in Milk Studios on the West Side where we could sit or stand all while sipping on a 15 year old Scotch.

Shortly after arriving and sitting, the Macallan brand ambassador began a well-done presentation on the history of him, the brand and Scotch in general. In between information and jokes, each guest was served drams of Scotch in order of its age – 10, 12, 15 and 18. Joel and I particularly liked the older Scotchs. They had a beautiful smoke to them which made it extra easy to drink.

Aside from the tastings, we were shown a new technique for creating the Macallan Ice Ball – a round ice cube for those who prefer a bit of ice in their whiskey. NOTCOT actually reviewed it here.

Being more of a fan of the peaty Islay region for my Scotchs, I think I’ll stick to my Ardbeg and Highland Park. But I wouldn’t pass up a dram of Macallan either.


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