Memorial Day Weekend 2011 Part I

Summer has officially started here in NYC with the passing of Memorial Day Weekend. So begins Summer Fridays, trips out East and upstate, beach days, tomatoes, corn and grilling.

Joel and I celebrated the coming of Summer with lots of summer beers and outdoor time. Starting immediately after my final on Friday, we met with friends to see a screening of Top Gun on the deck of the Intrepid. Beers in hand, the cool breeze coming off of the Hudson all while sitting atop an aircraft carrier – I’d say our Friday night rocked.

Next up on our weekend agenda was more beer, preferably outside — but only after stopping for my favorite grapefruit sorbet at Sundaes and Cones. It would be deplorable of anyone not to visit Sundaes and Cones for their cool treats. All sorbets and ice creams are handmade and come in insanely delicious flavors. I enjoyed 2 scoops and then walked downtown to meet some friends at Spitzer’s Corner. We had been to Spitzer’s before and not been particularly impressed; but this time was different. They have great ‘outdoor’ seating. And by outdoor I mean they have large open windows with tables butting against them. You can sit on the large window sills enjoying the summer breeze. Works for me!

Aside from the outdoor ambiance, they have a fantastic craft beer selection including the beer I adore more than any other — Captian Lawrence’s Liquid Gold. Nothing says ‘Happy Summer!’ like Liquid Gold.


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