Brewers Pic-NYC, Governors Island

Joel and I are always pretty skeptical about food festivals here in NYC, but we were feeling a bit more optimistic about the first ever Brewers Pic-NYC. It was supposed to be a nice outdoor food and beer fest held on Governors Island which we were pretty psyched about. However, upon arrival we knew it was going to be a mess.

We purchased the events’ special VIP tickets which were supposed to give us an early preview starting at 11:00am (where we could try all of the food before more guests arrived) and allow us to get free food and beer all day.

To start, it was Sunday and therefore no beer can legally be served before noon. Strike one. Next, the food preview consisted of tons of people waiting in lines to get mini samples — not full-sized bites. Strike two. Then, way before the clock even struck noon, enormous lines had already started for the beer. And finally, when the clock hit twelve, not only did the beer start to flow incredibly slowly, but all of the vendors said that the samples were over and they were only offering food for sale OR they had run out.

Now, if the vendors at this event had been something new and special we may have felt inclined to purchase food. But, we were promised free food all day (well, previously paid for in our VIP ticket price) and the vendors were mostly food trucks you can catch all over Manhattan on any given day.

It was yet another huge disappointment in the food and beer fest scene of NY. We’ll be skipping it next year and suggest you do the same.


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