Beer and an MBA; Birreria, New York City

Yet another perk of enrollment at the FCI — attending a private event at held Eataly‘s new beer garden, Birreria. The event was geared around showcasing the MBA Food and Wine program from the University of Bologna. Several speakers were on hand from the school to discuss the program; including the school’s director, a professor and several ex-students. Oddly enough, one of the professors happened to be one of my brothers professors (small world)! The program sounded amazing and if I had the time or funds to attend, I would! But alas, my life is here in New York City so I what took away from the event was the experience of Birrera.

Birerria is Eataly’s take on a traditional beer garden that they’ve managed to twist into a high-end bar with spectacular views, great beer and delicious food. The views are amazing (Empire State Building, Flatiron Building) but the beer is especially worth it. Almost all of the available beer is brewed by the renowned Dogfish Head Brewery. Joel and I have long been big fans of their beer, namely their 60 Minute IPA. Eataly and Dogfish teamed up for the ambitious project of actually brewing some of the selections on Eataly’s roof! However, all of the effort reaps it’s rewards. The beer is fresh, crisp and incredibly refreshing — and it doesn’t hurt that it’s all enjoyed outside on a rooftop in the middle of Manhattan.

As much as I would love to continue my food education even further, enjoying some impressive beers on a rooftop in Manhattan is much more feasible.


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