Edible Manhattan’s Festival of Seven Ingredients

Recently, I attended Edible Manhattan’s Festival of Seven Ingredients. I am a huge fan of any Edible event as they are always well put together and they represent the local food community. This particular event was put on to allow local chefs and restaurants to showcase some of the season’s best ingredients – Green Garlic/Chives, Rhubarb, Strawberries, Oysters, Lamb, Peas, and Yogurt. The evening  also featured several local breweries and wineries.

Although I would go so far as to say that everything I tired was fantastic, a few restaurants really featured the ingredients properly. One such ingredient/restaurant was Print. They chose the equally sweet and tangy rhubarb and strawberries. Paired with Vermont Creamery crème fraiche and a local cream, all of the flavors melded together to produce one creamy, luxurious and splendid summertime dish. Needless to say, I went back for seconds.

Another stand out was from Brooklyn’s Palo Santo. The chef said his dish was a spur of the moment decision all based on the earlier Union Square Green Market‘s produce availability. He did an amazing job of combing flavors and local ingredients, all while showcasing his choice of the Seven Ingredients: green garlic and peas. Homemade dumplings, varying mushrooms and a luscious cream sauce made for my a bite that was both hearty and light, velvety and thick. The chef made me a mushroom believer once again and it proved to be my favorite dish of the evening.

As if the Print dish wasn’t enough, Bubby’s was there in full force with a strawberry rhubarb that was to die for. Sweet and tart fruits topped with a flaky, buttery crust. I think I could eat a whole pie.

After another great evening with Edible, I would highly recommend a visit to any event that they hold. You’ll never be disappointed!


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