Farmers Markets Are In Full Summer Swing

The Union Square Greenmarket is bustling once again with local farmers featuring all of what summer has to offer. Strawberries, squash, radishes, lettuces, eggs are abound; the variety and colors are incredible. I took a trip there this past Saturday and came home with a rainbow of deliciousness.

As I shop at the market, I buy based on what looks freshest. Once I leave, I then build my Cafe Martin menu around the bounty I’ve acquired. This week, I’ve already made a simple strawberry jam that allows the fruits to shine. I plan on pairing the squash with ricotta, peas, basil and pasta for a light summer dish. Lettuces and bright red tomatoes will be turned into a Greek Salad. Radishes will top my own baguettes with softened butter and grey sea salt. Yellow beets will be roasted to bring out their sweetness and then placed over Greek yogurt. The possibilities are endless!

What will you be using your summer finds in?


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