Meet Your Maker, Brooklyn Brewery

I realize I’ve been posting a lot about beer, but the time has come to admit it – I love craft beers! And thanks to living in New York City, there are so many to choose from.

One said local favorite is the Brooklyn Brewery. They recently took part in an Edible Event, “Meet Your Maker”. The event was meant to bring locals to Brooklyn to experience first hand the amazingness that the borough holds. As a guest, you got to go to the “maker” of your choice, meet the owner/maker personally and enjoy a learning experience of their choosing. Such makers included Blue Bottle Coffee (best coffee hands down), Mast Brothers Chocolate and my choice, Brooklyn Brewery.

As much as I love coffee and chocolate, I love beer more. Brooklyn Brewery made my choice worthwhile with a tour of the brewery — while the brewmaster, Garrett Oliver, spoke of the beer making process. I believe that beer and bread are almost identical in process and being that I love and make bread, I found the tour to be extremely interesting. It also didn’t hurt that we had a full on tasting at the end of the tour plus free beer for an hour!

Another fantastic Edible event in the books. They are the organization that keeps on giving.


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