Eleven Madison Park and Brooklyn Brewery are a Match Made in Heaven

It happened: I graduated from culinary school! You can now call me Chef Sharon. Being the amazing husband that he is, Joel surprised me with a graduation present. And after the nights end, I’d say that culinary school was worth the graduation gift alone!

A gift of beer and food pairings at my favorite restaurant was what Joel had in store for me. In fact, the beer to be paired was provided by another local favorite, Brooklyn Brewery. Eleven Madison Park enlisted Brooklyn to create a beer specifically for them to pair with their deliciously fancy food. Eleven Madison Park is once again ahead of the curve — there is a new culinary movement where beer is celebrated as something to be tasted and savored, not just gulped down at a bar during closing time.

Never missing an opportunity to throw an event, Eleven Madison Park gathered a restaurant full of guests all to celebrate the launch of this said beer, Local 11.

However, the fun (and booze) didn’t stop with their namesake beer. Diners were treated to a plethora of Brooklyn Brewery’s beers that are both available or very unavailable/unattainable

  • The Concoction paired with goat cheese lollipops and smoked sturgeon
  • Sorachi Ace paired with butter poached lobster and summer squash
  • Suckling Pig  and apricots paired with Local 11
  • Foie Gras and strawberries paired with Wild 1

Eleven Madison Park truly stepped up the craft beer game. They have gone a million steps farther than beer and pretzels; And I am sure happy they took the leap! I can never give enough praise to Eleven Madison Park but they absolutely outdid themselves with this event. Local 11 is worth a trip their bar but an evening in the dining room with a full beer pairing (yes! BEER pairing) would be remarkable.


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