4th of July, NYC, 2011

It’s a rare occasion when Joel and I are actually in New York City for the 4th of July, but this year it happened. To celebrate, we decided to watch the fireworks on a boat! But first a stop at another fantastic Rob Roan BBQ production. Rob was a gracious host as always serving up delicious burgers, sausages, homemade fries and … wait for it … homemade corn dogs made with Meat Hook sausages! Superb Rob, superb.

After some good conversations and our bellies were filled, Joel and I headed to the water for a night to remember. It’s no secret that I long to live in an ocean town, sail a boat and have boat people friends — so toss out any boat opportunity and I’m in. Joel did just that with a party boat cruise on the Hudson River, all to the sounds of Sasha. Music and dancing ON a boat? Not to be missed.

The cruise was fantastic. It headed out to ‘sea’ while us party goers danced on the top deck to rhythmic tunes all with a visual of the city at sun down. Once it turned to dark, the boat parked mid-river and we watched the sky light up with the most incredible fireworks display I’ve ever seen. We had a front row view!

It’s events and moments like that night that remind me why New York City is so amazing – dancing, drinking, fireworks, all on a boat!

Happy Birthday ‘Merica!


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