Blog Envy

There are many, MANY blogs on the web now but very few are actually, well … good.

Here are a few that stand out at the moment –

Boulder Locavore – Travel, make your own booze and old fashioned food recipes make this my favorite food blog of the moment. It doesn’t hurt that the coordinating pictures make me want to lick the screen.

Small Notebook – Practical tips for daily life. If you need advice on how to part with all of those clothes that really don’t fit, how to make natural cleaning products and how to live in Italy for the maximum amount of time allowed by EU law, this is your blog.

Paris Versus New York – Definitely mentioned our ’10 Things We Like’. Absolutely worth mentioning again. Beautiful and comedic illustrations of the eccentricities that make up New Yorkers and Parisians.

Wild Yeast – Bread, bread and more delicious bread. Warning: This blog will make you salivate.


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