Tourist For A Day, Day 1

As previously mentioned, Fishmix is moving across the pond to London shortly. Even though we’ve lived in NYC for 10 years now, there are so many places we’ve yet to go and things we’ve yet to see. Joel and I decided to take a few days before we leave and play tourist in NYC — it was awesome!

Day 1 –

We really wanted to soak up both the culture and as much food as possible *side note: I believe I’ve had more bagels in the past two weeks than my whole 10 years here combined. Not that there’s anything wrong with that*.

We began with a walk though historic Grand Central which ended with a seat at the infamous Grand Central Oyster Bar. A few bowls of chowda and many oysters and crab cakes later, we made our way a bit South. Next up, the New York City Public Library for their latest exhibit, 100 Years. It contained a fantastic collection of unique and interesting pieces of history.

Collection of Airborne badges

Illustrations from Gas Mask School. Oh the Cold War…

Next up, ‘Top of the Rock‘ for views unlike anywhere in the city. It was very hard to not be in awe at the vast, yet contained beauty that is Manhattan.

Manhattan South

Manhattan North, Central Park

After amazing views, we wondered through Times Square, what tourists consider to be the epicenter of America New York City. It was very, very hard to make it through without getting frustrated, as any New Yorker would, but we made it. And onward to downtown we went for a sociable dinner at the Stanton Social.

Day 1 down, Day 2 coming up.


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