Tourist For A Day, Day 2

As if one day of NYC sightseeing wasn’t enough, we went back for more!

Day 2

There is no better way to start a sightseeing day than with bagels. Of all food, I will miss them the most. Nothing, no muffin, scone or crumpet will ever compare to the chewy goodness that is a quintessential New York Bagel.

After filling our bellies, we headed uptown to experience a bit of Fifth Avenue and end up at our museum of the day, MoMA. MoMA had a few very intriguing exhibits so we decided to see them all! Fonts, Communication, de Kooning – it was a fantastic review of art through the ages.

I think we enjoyed the exhibit Standard Deviations: Types and Families in Contemporary Design, the most. Joel is quite the type nerd and had so much knowledge to pass on to us, it was great; we had our own personal type tour guide!

After many hours exploring art and the two gift shops, we shopped at the new Uniqlo on Fifth Avenue. The space is insanely large, to say the least. It was incredibly easy to lose everyone, and we did. Nonetheless, while parties were lost, tights, gloves, and scarves were found. Despite the crowds, the new Uniqlo location’s check out system was fairly smooth. One can never have enough scarves, gloves and tights in London.

Fully shopped out, but not ready to give up the food bug, we traveled to a few more NYC institutions: Russ and Daughters (for whitefish salad), Katz’s Deli (for pastrami, egg creams and knishes, of course!) and our final stop of the day, the Doughnut Plant (for pumpkin doughnuts). Then, even after ALL that food, I somehow managed to room for a glass (or two) of my all time favorite beer, Liquid Gold at Spitzer’s Corner in the LES.

After two days, I believe that we’ve gotten our sightseeing bug out. For now. We will miss NYC, our home of 10 years, daily. But we know she’ll always be here waiting for us with new food, sights, beer and people.


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