To Do in London: The British Museum – Egypt

When we travel, we love to discover new foods and beer but we also love to take in all of a country’s history. Having conquered The MET, The Hermitage and The Louvre, we were ready to take on The British Museum – one section at a time. First up, Egypt.

Limestone carving from Rehotep’s tomb

The British Museum is vast and full of incredible collections. If we are being frank, the British are known to have “borrowed long term” from most of the world (especially the Greeks) so a huge collection goes without saying. This is one reason Joel and I have decided to take it slow, the other being that we have 2 years to explore it all! We figured that the beginning of civilized peoples is a great place to start. Not to say that Mesopotamia wasn’t an incredible start to mankind, but the Egyptians did mummify their cats and they have the pyramids!

Bone Figure of a Woman

The Rosetta Stone

The Egyptian collection is pretty amazing and on par with The MET’s. Mummies, hieroglyphics, jewelry, pottery and sculptures were abound. Ancient Egypt is one of the more mesmerizing periods of  history to me so I could spend hours in the galleries of the BM. However, there is so much more to see and we will be sure to report!

Katep and Hetepheres


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