To Do in London: To Market, To Market

Markets are a favorite weekend activity of ours so it was of the first things we wanted to experience while living abroad. Whether it be food or clothes, we see a local market as a peak into a city.

Our first market experience was the Old Spitalfields Market in East London. Old Spitalfields is located in a large Victorian market space and was overwhelming to say the least! We went on a Saturday and it was filled with loads of interesting clothes that were flanked by vendors serving sandwiches made from piping hot raclette cheese (mmmm). Old Spitalfields is worth checking out especially as it’s located only a few blocks from the infamous curry capital and edgy neighborhood of London, Brick Lane.

Another market worth perusing is the Borough Market. This market is quite legendary and with good reason. Fresh fish, meat, cheese – tons of cheese, eggs, fruits and veggies galore. Not to mention the many prepared food stands, olive oil retailers and Turkish delight vendors. I came out with some lovely smoked French garlic bulbs and Turkish delight, but you are sure to find anything you could imagine cooking with at Borough Market. And, should you fancy a refreshment, there is a Pub centrally located within the market as well as deliciously warming mulled wine served throughout! We went at noon on a Friday and I can attest to the fact that the British have no qualms about starting their drinking before noon.

While those markets are worth a visit, there are markets all over London that deserve yours and my attention. Next up, we’ll be checking out our local Notting Hill Farmers Market.



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