It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, London Style

The holidays are here, finally and that means a few things to us:

The first few items will be touched upon more as the season progresses (and more mulled wine is enjoyed) but I’d like to discuss the last item, Holiday Windows. In a past life, I designed a Holiday window or two so I revel in the thought of holiday window season. Holiday windows mean that a festive time of year has approached, it sends messages to shoppers and it makes you feel festive and warm all over. All in all, a great thing.

This will be the first year in over 10 years, that we’ve not experienced New York City at Christmas time. It makes me a bit sad as I truly believe that NYC comes together and alive at this time of year; NYC is one of the best places on Earth to spend the holiday season. The city particularly gets into the Holiday Spirit via their windows – Parties are held to celebrate “window openings”, papers, blogs and magazines alike write reviews on them… It is an event in NYC!

And although we are no longer in New York City and as much as we miss it, we are embracing our new home of London and all it has to offer this holiday season. On that note, some London-style (read: subdued) Holiday Windows for your viewing pleasure –

De Beers sparkling spirals (one of the more appropriate jewelry windows)

I have to include it: Tiffany & Co.’s Holiday windows. They are FAR from dazzling. I may be a bit biased, but c’mon! They are printed board  and the construction was awful. Black tape hanging from the sides does not make for a lovely frame. Fail.

These were quite fun – modeled after Aux Folies, these Fortnum and Mason windows had glitter, spinning mannequins, feathers, cages AND product. Good one F&M! (Full disclosure – I am in love with this store)

Here is a closer view of the F&M windows where two mannequins are “getting ready” before the show, pink feather boas and all!

*Side Bar* – while ‘window shopping’ this week I came upon a shop in the Burlington Arcade (one of London’s oldest “shopping malls”) that sells vintage Rolex’s from 1910 – 1970. Amazing. You can inquire about them here.

Not only are we lucky enough to spend the holiday season in London this year, we will also be visiting Paris. The City of Lights is sure to charm us with its festiveness and beauty and we’ll will be sure to report back.

For now, Cheers and Bon Nuit!


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