Happy New Year, Love Fishmix

First of all, please pardon our absence. You can tell we had a lovely holiday season by the lack of posts. But we didn’t want to start off the new year by not sharing how amazingly our previous year had ended. That said, this ‘mix is a bit of Christmas and New Years all rolled in to one.

Joel and I were lucky enough to swing a last minute trip from London to Atlanta for Christmas. I was ecstatic to say the least. I really do love being home for Christmas – seeing family, the festive atmosphere, the brightly lit tree that is covered in ornaments that my mom has been collecting since before I was born, the cookie plates, Christmas beers, fireplace(s), delicious Cafe Martin meals, going shooting with my sister and her boyfriend and of course… SOPHIE TIME! I miss that little loaf so much it hurts. When will someone invent that machine that allows us to actually talk with our kids dogs? Or when will the British realize that my tiny Chihuahua is not going to harm their society. Anyhow, lucky Sophie spent a good 5 days strait in my arms which was still not enough.

After the (short but sweet) Christmas goodness of 2011, we headed back to London to celebrate our first New Years in the UK and await the arrival of Mr. Woody Batts, direct from NYC.

New Years was spent at a local restaurant, Bumpkin, where we ate local British foods, drank bottles of Prosecco, and popped traditional holiday crackers – Good times! After a brief sleep, we met Woody and went on our way exploring Notting Hill’s brunch scene, drinking way too much coffee, visiting museums, walking the city and eating many many more interesting meals. It was very nice to have a fellow New Yorker over, even for a short while.

*I realize this picture has nothing to do with Woody but I couldn’t not put it in, it is too sweet. And it was from Christmas*

And that takes us to where we are now; 2012! We are trying to pump ourselves up in regards to living in London. Finding some fantastic local beer has definitely helped (Kernel Brewery). I will be traveling a lot in the next couple of months but will keep the mixes up to date as much as possible.

Happy 2012!


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