Still Here!

It has been a whirlwind year so far, and it’s only February! I didn’t want to leave let the ‘Mixes go by the wayside, so here’s a quick update, with longer posts to follow –

  • To start, it’s been a rough February for the Martin’s, we’ve lost two very important and very loved family members…RIP Granddad and Ziggy.
  • I am working – Sharon Martin Designs is still active, even in Europe. I am traveling a ton. Funnily enough, to NYC – Only had to move across the ocean to get a job that has me working in New York!
  • We’ve discovered that Kernel Brewery makes beer that rivals American craft beer and that there is decent food in London! Union Jacks, by Jamie Oliver is becoming a go-to for good beers and ‘flats’ (what we New Yorkers call pizza). He uses good ingredients and local cheese. And loads of horseradish, one of my favorite ingredients.
  • While we (want to ) have been traveling all over Europe, we are trying to get out and see more of England. Last weekend, we went to Henry VIII’s former abode. The exhibit design was laughable, but it was pretty fantastic to be walking around on the same floors as he.

More to come…


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