So, Where Have You Been?!

The ‘Mix is back!

Please pardon the hiatus, it has been a busy beginning of Spring here in England. Lots of work, travel and family biznaz. But, we promise to be more emotionally available and around when you need us. That said, moving on!

Some updates for you –

We went to Stonehenge!

I did some traveling for a freelance gig (Hong Kong, Singapore, NYC(!), Switzerland, Madrid). It was been good, I must say. Lots of work, trainings and getting to know the world.

Joel and I went to the South of France with some friends. Enjoyed lots of moules, scenery and Monaco. Almost didn’t leave.

Sophie is doing well, living it up in the South. Sunning, sleep, sun, sleep, sun, sleeeep

Joel and I recently went to France (again) and Spain with his parents. It was beautiful. We stayed with his parents friends in Lautrec then drove to San Sebastian and enjoyed Basque Country. After this trip to France, I can safely say that we will end up there, someday. That trip and it’s photos deserve a separate ‘mix…

And finally, we are expecting a very special guest this coming weekend – our nerd buddy/my musical soulmate Rob. Finally, someone to coax Joel into a trip to see the Harry Potter tour* outside London! *I am sososo excited to see the HP tour.


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