To Do in London: Stonehenge

While we do love to travel outside of Enlgand, we realize there is much to see in England. So when our friend, Lisa, said that her ‘Uncle Ronnie’ was visiting from New York and he wanted to see Stonehenge, we jumped on that bandwagon.

Stonehenge isn’t exactly what you’d expect. As it is a heavily trafficked tourist site, England has built the barriers from which you view the rocks so so so far away. Stonehenge looks as distant from the viewing area as it does from the street driving up. I understand that UNESCO doesn’t want people climbing the rocks or pulling a Griswald, but c’mon – a little bit closer would be fantastic.

I just feel that the impressiveness and spirituality behind the stones is lost at such a distance. However, it’s still pretty amazing to be in the presence of something so old. Something so incredible and unknown that even scientists and historians don’t truly understand it this many years later.

It was worth the trip, distance or not. Plus we got to ride with ‘Uncle Ronnie’ who kept us entertained for hours.


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