Wall Pigeon

Joel and I have really been missing our chihuahua, Sophie, so you could see how excited we were to gain a stand in – Wall Pigeon.

Perhaps this is just true to England, but Joel and I became the proud parents of a pigeon that lived in our ceiling, walls and floorboards for 5 days. 5 days!

It started out as some clawing above our heads then it slowly moved to fluttering in between the walls and finally, to cooing from behind our electrical outlet. Being the smart human beings that we are, Joel and I removed the electrical outlet box only to find this starring back at us!


It was jarring to say the least. After trying and failing to lure it out with marzipan (what? we’ve been in France a lot recently) and bread, I put on 3 pairs of gloves, reached in grabbed that Wall Pigeon. He fought, but with Joel’s cheering, I powered through it and freed him from the wall!

So long Wall Pigeon (also known as F**cking Pigeon). It’s been real.


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