Sorry I’m Not Sorry

We recently had another gift flown into us from NYC – John and Kristen! It was so nice to have them over, if only for a short, working while.

As Joel and Kristen had to work for most of the visit, John and I made several museum dates starting with a visit to the V&A Museum to see the British Design Exhibit. The exhibit layout was not too impressive, but I’ve found that to be quite common in English museums. The layout was fairly confusing with no general direction – the flow just wasn’t right. However, this exhibit did have a Ziggy Stardust outfit, which was freaking awesome.

Other museum outings John and I made were to the Royal Academy of Art’s Hermes Exhibit and the British Museum. The Hermes exhibit was small yet well designed (and I expect nothing less from the French design powerhouse). I loved being able to touch all of the skins, see historical pieces and “walk through the desert” amongst their luggage. The real kicker was the display design of  four bags specially made for this exhibit. They had created 4 revolving vitrines that represented an area of the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland) which in turn represented the bag itself. It was outstanding.

Along with our museum outings, Joel and Kristen joined us on the weekend and weeknights to drink much needed beers together, walk along the south riverbank, visiting the Tate, go on the London Eye and eat some pretty good food – fish and chips from Kerbisher and Malt, a proper pub lunch at The Orange, salt beef at Mishkins, small plates at London’s answer to Spitzers Corner : Spuntino and great local beers at The Draft House. I even earned some points on Foursquare for spending more time that usual at bars and pubs, thanks to John!

Photo courtesy of John Leone

Their visit was much needed and much appreciated – they even brought the sun! Hope to see them both sooner than later for more beer, museums and good times!


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