Brussels, Bruges and Beer – Happy Anniversary! Part Deux

While Brussels was pretty great, we were ready to get to the meat of our trip in Bruges. Another train ride away, we arrived into Bruges mid day to find a much more beautiful entrance awaiting us.

We stayed at the Kempinski Dukes Palace in the hopes of having a stay just a nice as at the Amigo Hotel in Brussels. This hotel actually used to be a palace so I was very excited to be staying in such a historic building. Although our actual anniversary took place here, the hotel did nothing special for us. Unless you count giving us a large bottle of water with two glasses and a note saying ‘Happy 4th (!!) anniversary” – I do not.

While the hotel let us down, our time in Bruges was amazing. We began with what else – frites at Chez Vincent Luxe Frituur. The frites were perfectly crisp and paired well with their homemade mayo and a cold beer. After all the frites and beer, we thought some walking would do us some good. We wondered the medieval city in awe of its history and beauty…all the way to more beer! Our next pub, however, is incredibly historical. Café Vlissinghe was started in 1515 and it’s still there! It was so awesome to be drinking good Belgian beer amongst such history. While a bit out of the way, it was worth the trek in the rain for a seat a table there.

The next two days really consisted of us trying more beers and chocolate and investigating the town. We went to the top of the Belfort, took a tour of the De Halve Maan Brewery (had a few beers there as well!), visited the Groeningemuseum where we saw loads of beautiful Flemish art and what trip to Belgium is without superb chocolate boobies at BbyB and creamy chocolate krispies at Depla Chocolatier?

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Some stand outs in the food and beer arena were – ‘t Brugs Beertje (they serve ‘a portion of cheese’ with the best mustard ever. EVER.), Cambrinus (big beer list and great food!) and De Garre. De Garre was our final beer stop of the trip which was perfect because the location, the actual bar, the service and their own beer was superb. It was the best way to end our trip – on a high note!

Here’s to 2 perfect years with my love and to an infinite number more…


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