Meatless Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… the Fishmix Way

While trolling through the food blogosphere I have noticed that a new trend has arisen in food – Meatless Monday. Joel and I have been working on removing meat from our diets completely over the past year which hasn’t been easy; For the love of god, no more bacon?! Yes, no more bacon. However, I am a pretty great cook and I love getting creative with my foods so this challenge is one I have accepted and embraced.

I realize a lot of people who eat vegetarian tend to say things such as “I won’t give up flavor for health” but then go on to tell you about another spinach salad with cranberries and blue cheese. Bleh. That to me is the exact opposite of flavorful healthy eating. If I’m going to live without meat, something I actually did enjoy (bacon!), then the food reeeeally has to be amazing.

Bacon you are delicious, but man, are you cute too. Doesn’t help that you look like Sophie.

On that note, I’ve decided that I will share recipes that I find are actually good. No, great –  not just another salad or some goddamn tofu. Plus it’s just been too long since I, a baker, have written about food.

Meat-free recipes to come. I have LOADS. And they are not shy on the cheese.


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