London hasn’t been easy to live with this month. I’m not sure I’ve experienced this much rain in the summer, anywhere, ever (good luck with the Olympics!). But alas, we knew this would be the case so we came prepared with two golf sized umbrellas that are getting more use out of them than my favorite pair of sandals.

Under the circumstancees, Joel and I really needed a break and thank god, it happened – Bri and Johnny! We may have been begging Bri to visit us for months and she finally got the chance. Luckily for us, she brought her new beau, Johnny who actually happens to be English (ish). Hooray!

Aside from the amazingness which is Bri, their visit actually came with sunshine and warm weather! For 3 days, Joel and I actually enjoyed London, with the help of our visitors.

Their visit can be summed up as so – Cider, Hogwarts, gigantic rabbits on leashes, sunshine (amazingly) and plain awesomeness. We miss them already and cannot wait to see them again.


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