To Do in London: London Comic Con 2012

We’ve been struggling to find things to do this summer here in London as we tend to like being outdoors in the summer. But, as one may have noticed (or known), England isn’t known for its cheery, sunny disposition, even in the summer. However, thank goodness for nerds! London Comic Con came to town last Saturday and we of course jumped on that ride.

Joel and I headed to Hammersmith with a fellow American and a Scot to nerd it up for the day. The venue wasn’t much to gawk at, the stars were! We past (and photographed) the likes of Chris Judge from Stargate, Alex Winter (Bill and Teds!), Kevin Sorbo, Ke Huy Quan and several cast members from Game of Thrones. Honestly, I really wanted to meet two people – Tom Skerritt and Michael Winslow who were no where to be found when we visited, so I left a bit disappointed. However, all in all it was good, nerdy fun for a Saturday in London town!


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