End of Summer Inspiration

photo courtesy of Honestly WTF

Joel and I have been busy-busy traveling as much as we can before the summer comes to and end. Since the summer isn’t technically is over here – although London’s weather is saying otherwise –  I thought I’d share some still colorful and fun things that are inspiring us…

Loving Liesbet Bussche‘s  playful and kitchy takes on street barriers and roadblocks. Honestly WTF has a great snapshot of her work up right now here.

Who doesn’t love fantastic quality photos of legs and colorful crinolines? Subtly eluding to flowers, Daryl Banks does a lovely job of capturing color and layers. Check them out here.

Photo by Daryl Banks

I have been cheating a bit on food and fashion with home decor. Scandinavian home decor to be exact. My Pinterest account is now loaded with new DIY ideas and inspiration for furniture to come. One blog helping with my addiction is My Scandinavian Retreat. LOVE it.

Lastly, a bit of fashion – Even though fall is rearing it’s ugly head t us here, I’m still wishing I could own/wear every single thing on this site. Mara Hoffman creates beautiful, colorful prints and utilizes them on everything from swimwear to scarves to even… condoms! One must be stylish (and careful) at all times. Mara even collaborated with another favorite of mine, Bona Drag on a collection of scarves, 0ne seen here.

As I said, we’ve been traveling a ton these last few weeks. I’m in the process gathering all of our photos and evidence at the moment. Travel posts to follow soon!


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