Trolls and Vikings (Scandinavia) Part II – Stockholm, Sweden

Our Scandinavian adventure started in Norway and ended in Sweden. Stockholm, Sweden. While Norway was full or trolls, Sweden said Vikings to us so we began our quest to find them.

We arrived in Stockholm in time to eat so we set off to find some good Swedish brews and food. Joel discovered a fantastic beer bar that served famous moules frites, several different ways called Akkurat. I’m never one to pass of muscles and fries but paired with craft beer – I’m in! We grabbed a spot outside and dug into some great beer and food.

As said before, Stockholm is a series of smaller islands so we wanted to see as much as we could which meant – boat time! I love love love being on a small boat so I was super excited that Joel discovered the trip to Fjäderholmarna for our second day in Stockholm. The island itself was very small, we could have walked it in 30 minutes. But we took our time, taking in the sea and some organic cherry ice cream (yes, even at 10:00am). While the island was great to see, the boat ride was more our style. We hopped back on the boat after an hour and headed back to the mainland for some shopping and lunch.

Sweden is known to be the most expensive city in Europe and while having lived in London for almost a year, I completely agree! That said, we decided to do some window shopping instead of real shopping. We stopped at the famous NK department store where I got some new ideas for a dining room table. Then off to the chocolate shop, Chokladfabriken (The Chocolate Factory) for some mint chocolate buttons (awesome!).

After all the shopping and chocolate, it was time for some real food so we decided to head to the more “Williamsburg” part of Stockholm and enjoy a lunch at The Urban Deli. It is here were I discovered my new found love, smoked shrimp. Of course shrimp should be smoked! *Shouldn’t everything?* This shrimp was so incredibly smoky and good, I could have eaten 1000 times more (and I did during the remainder of the trip). It was also at The Urban Deli where we discovered some new Scandinavian brews – Vuur & VlamSödermalm Hipster Ale, and an IPA from the local Sthlm Brewing Co. All were worthy beers and great samplings of Scandinavian style beer.

While a bit tipsy from the strong beers and incredibly happy/stuffed from the smoked shrimp, we headed back to the main island but not before accidentally running in to this place – Parlans Konfektyr. That basically translates into ‘caramel heaven’. They hand make 15 flavors of caramels that melt in your mouth. My favorite was the passionfruit. Finding this place was the most happy accident of the trip.

And finally, on our last day, we got down to the business we came for – Viking hunting. While we technically didn’t find any real vikings, we found a very cool shipwreck from the 1600’s at the Vasa Museum. This museum was nicely laid out, dark and damp – all the qualities you want from a shipwreck museum. We throughly enjoyed it.

And we throughly enjoyed Stockholm. It actually reminded us a bit of NYC. The water, the people and the speed of the city is very similar and it made us feel right at home. Expensive or not, Stockholm is a place well worth visit.


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