St. Moritz, Switzerland

Joel and I have had an ongoing affair with Switzerland. While most of England feels that it’s too “boring” to spend any amount of time there, we beg to differ. I’ve been to Switzerland for work this year more times than I can count and have fallen in love with it. Switzerland is where nature and outdoor sports prevail. It is the most beautiful country I’ve visited by a long shot (plus their pizza is on-par with NYC!). I’m not one to post 1000 pictures of nature and trees, but Switzerland brings it out in me.

Having heard great things about St. Moritz in the winter from my parents (who ski there), Joel and I thought that our last vacation from London should take place there. If it’s great in the winter, why wouldn’t it be in the summer?

Views from the Glacier Express

We started out our day long journey to the remote village by way of the Glacier Express. This train is unique in that it has a glass panoramic ceiling so everyone gets a view – and the views are incredible. The Glacier Express, although difficult to access in the summer (3 trains from Zurich later!), is worth the trip. It travels through a UNESCO world heritage sight – a distance of land that curves through mountains, glides over rivers and cuts through small villages and cantons.

The village of St. Moritz – “The Top of the World!”

Once we arrived at the village, we headed to the hotel of choice in St. Moritz, Badrutts Palace. This hotel is very historical with a staff and reputation that has withstood the test of time. The lobby is so elegant – there is even a dress code after 7pm – that you feel as though you’ve stepped back in time where people cared about how they looked when they traveled or went out to eat.

Our room was amazing. A corner room with breathtaking views of the glacier blue St. Moritz Lake. Everyday waking up to that view was a privilege and we’ll remember it forever.

Can always use more cowbell

Tram ride to the top of Piz Nair!

Nut Torte!

Lake St. Moritz – the most impressive blue we’ve ever seen in person

We wanted this trip to be itinerary free and relaxing so we chose some points of travel, and attended to them at times we saw fit. Activities included trams up to the top of the mountain several times (where cows happily grazed and only the sound of cowbells was to be hear (really!), window shopping (this town is made for the wealthy!), swimming, walks around the impeccably blue St. Moritz Lake, eating many world famous Hanselmanns nut torte, beaver spotting (no, really) and of course, enjoying the best pizza east of NYC. We were also lucky enough to have been there when an awesome vintage/fine automobile show was going on in the main street.

Although a short visit, every second is worth it in Switzerland. It may be the only country we’re ever sad to leave. The people are kind, intelligent and welcoming. The food is perfect – be it in a 5 star restaurant or a local tavern. The views are one of a kind and the way that people care about nature and their health is astounding – Skiing is for the winters while rafting, hiking, boating, fishing and walking the lakes are for the summer.

So long Switzerland, until next time…

Switzerland is our favorite place in Europe and St. Moritz only added to our love. We will surely miss how close it is when we head back to the other side of the ocean…


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