Hello, Stranger

Sophie loves NY

WE’RE BAAAACK! Back in America, back in NYC and back on The Mix!

We’ve officially been back in NYC for 1 year (!) and we are finally ready to get back in the Mix. In fact, we are so happy to be back and we want to share everything, all of the time. Lets sum up our return superfastflashback style –

  • We happened to be in transit to our new apartment in NYC while one of the largest hurricanes to hit the East Coast, ever, also decided to descend on our favorite city.
  • Our new FiDi apartment was destroyed
  • We moved to… Chelsea
  • We got jobs
  • We celebrated 3 years of marriage!
  • We rediscovered our love for new American craft beers
  • The original location of Cafe Martin got a new dog, Pip!
  • We traveled to Chicago, Santa Fe, Georgia, Vermont, and Pennsylvania
  • And most importantly, Sophie was back with us, if only for a short while…After 10 years together, we lost our little loaf this year in July. Devastating to say the least but we were lucky to be able to spend the time we did with her sweet, loving self. She will be missed forever and ever.

Minus the details, those are the facts you need to know to get you up to date. That said, all posts moving forward will not be on a year long delay and will include paragraphs, humor and more interesting thoughts. Promise.


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