Take Two

In less than 15 days from now, we will be trading in our apartment for a ‘flat’ with a washer/dryer combo, no oven, a balcony and pool.

We will get used to 16 hour flights back and forth, bamboo scaffolding, wet markets and the MTR.

“So Long America, Take Two” is happening. This time for the even further and more exotic/crazy location of HONG KONG.

hk  copy

All that said, this craziness is incredibly exciting. Asia is unexplored by us, together. Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Fiji, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Mongolia – yes, Mongolia! So many places to see, so much food to eat, so much closer to Hobbits.

We're comin' for you Frodo!

We’re comin’ for you Frodo!

So on to the next adventure in our lives, which I’ll document here for all to live vicariously through… I mean see.


4 thoughts on “Take Two

  1. Joel & Sharon – I am so happy that you are documenting this great adventure. It is fun to hear about all of your explorations. Good luck getting adjusted to your new life in Hong Kong.

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