Hello from Hong Kong!

It only took 2 airports, 2 flights and almost 24 hours of flight times, but we finally made it to Hong Kong! Surrounded by palm trees, 90 degrees and 1000% humidity, we are beginning to adjust to the new time zone and not fall asleep into our dinner.

photo 5
Hong Kong is incredibly different yet oddly familiar. It’s been years since I have visited and weeks since Joel has but we are enjoying every second of rediscovering this crazy city which began with finding a new running trail.

photo 3
Hong Kong is constantly being developed and redeveloped which is evidenced by the Hong Kong Island waterfront. This spot was still under construction and reclamation when I visited 3 years ago but now it is fully developed and the perfect place to run/walk and see both harbors (Kowloon and HK Island). Strange outdoor sculptures and views of Central Hong Kong’s amazingly odd architecture are plentiful.

photo 2

photo 1
The waterfront run, coupled with an amazing assortment of Japanese candy and Michelin rated dim sum has me hopeful for our time here. Stay tuned as we get lost in Hong Kong’s food, shopping, bars, travel…


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