Hey Ladies!

photo 3While Joel is hard at his new job, I’ve been using my time to explore the city and our new home. Luckily for me, one of Joel’s coworkers has a guest in town so I had a shopping partner in crime.

photo 1

We decided to take a trip to one of the ‘dry’ markets in Kowloon – the Ladies Market. Dry markets in Hong Kong simply mean that dry goods (clothing, electronics, etc.) are sold there, rather than say, food. This specific market is like Canal Street on drugs. Fake bags, shirts, wigs, random men’s g-strings shoes, tea sets, tchotchkes, phone paraphernalia, even fake Legos!

photo 2

photo 4

photo 5

And just like Canal Street, you’ve got the chopsticks stall lady saying under her breath “Chanel, Prada, LV, Gucci handbags – you want handbags? Very good quality. Very good price”. It was worth the experience, but I’ve had my fill of that type of shopping for a lifetime. Sorry future visitors!



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