Foot Massages and Booze


It was a classy Friday.

I met some of Joel’s lady co-workers and we headed to Happy Foot in LKF for massages and booze! But before massages, one must have booze. We made our first stop the 7 Eleven across the street which in HK, sells wine (I told you we were classy). I opted for beer, of course while the other ladies downed paper cups full of rose and white wine.

Foot massages are very normal here in HK. Cheap, long, relaxing. I’d say that NYC could learn from this fad as it is so nice to have your feet, legs (and bonus!) shoulders rubbed for 75 minutes after a long day of walking from place to place to place.


Happy Feet rides the line in-between an upscale spa and a scary local Chinese massage parlor. That was totally acceptable to me because most importantly, it was clean.

I’d recommended this place in a heartbeat. It was not only fun and relaxing but we learned that it’s possible to have a pedicure and foot massage simultaneously. Worth the $40USD. Yes $40.


After massages, it only felt right to get more drinks and eat – which we did lots of.  The rest of the evening turned into a blur coated in beers and fried squid from the delicious Chom Chom. I also recall Elvis making an appearance. It made my night.



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