Tung Po Kitchen, North Point


One of Joels co-workers, whom is affectionately referred to as KK, is a local by way of Canada. So she has the best of both worlds when it comes to eating out – the ability to speak both Cantonese and English perfectly.






KK offered to take us to Tung Po Market for a meal that consisted of a kitchen above the fish market. Talk about “farm to table”. While this restaurant is known for a few meat dishes that were ordered, I was most excited about the Mantis Shrimp dish. Mantis shrimp are very local to Hong Kong and I have a slight obsession with them. They are powerful, crazy and so weird. Of course I’d want to eat one.


We over-ordered, as usual. Dishes included Wind Sand Chicken (with the head), Black Squid Ink Pasta and Squid Balls, Shrimp with Garlic (SO MUCH GARLIC), and Steamed Lotus Leaf Rice.


Food was phenomenal – fresh, garlicy, spicy and totally new to us. Also new to us – drinking beer out of a bowl.


Our recommendation: If you know a Cantonese speaker, go to here.


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