Junk Boat Saturday


After biking the New Territories, Joel and I not only left with insanely sore legs, but new friends! One of those said friends happened to be having her birthday party on a Junk boat which she invited us to attend.


As many of you know, Joel and boats do not mix so I went instead with our Aussie friend/coworker of Joel’s.

Junk boats have been talked up to us a lot since before we even moved here. The real Junk boats actually have a history dating back to the Song Dynasty. However these days, they are used more for carting drunk Hong Kongers around the island.



While the typical junk boat is during the daytime with catering, the beach/ocean and beer tossed to you while you float in the ocean, we went on a night boat. It was equally as fun and no bathing suit needed – beer upon stepping on the boat, tacos!, dancing, and oh – AND BEING ON A BOAT.

*Happy Birthday Jenna!*


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