PMQ Local, Brooklyn Inspired Market


It is taking some time, but we are slowly finding our sources for food and booze in HK. As you probably know, we love local, fresh food and beer but neither of those are terribly plentiful here. So we were very excited to see a local green market pop up at the art/shop space of PMQ.


What we most looked forward to was the bagel stand, Schragels. They claim to be New York style bagels that are hand rolled, kettle boiled and stone baked so obviously, we were pumped to try them. Disappointment ensued though, as the bagels were quite crispy on the outside, overly doughy inside and really just flavorless, with the exception on the outer toppings. I know I’m a bit biased, but I am always open to trying other baked goods. These just didn’t cut it for me and I’d rather waste the calories on a delicious baguette from Passion by Gerard Dubois.


Aside from the bagels, there was a new Hong Kong brewery represented with really, really amazing beers – Moonzen. Thank goodness we found this husband/wife pair because their beers are 100% on pare with our much loved hoppy style American IPA’s and Pale Ales. Divine Marinade  which are vegetarian, spicy and incredibly flavorful Korean style marinades and sauces. Also amazing; Long Valley Eco Paddy rice! They use eco-friendly, sustainable growing practices here in Hong Kong. The rice we bought was harvested in August. August! Talk about fresh.




While the market was good and we found some new suppliers, PMQ itself is pretty cool. Once the old HK Police Married Quarters, it now houses local artists and designers work in small shops on several floors. Worth checking out!




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