Shanghai Street – Hong Kong Chef Heaven/Haven


I’ve been struggling with where to buy good pots, pans, cutting boards, knives, etc. Hong Kong is quite expensive as every single thing has to be imported and therefore the options for kitchenware are very limited. In fact, upon asking locals where to shop I’m typically pointed towards Ikea. I’m not sure if the locals feel that Ikea is where the Westerners will shop (and yes, I have spent my fair share of time at that hellhole in Causeway Bay Ikea) but I needed to find Hong Kong’s version of the NYC restaurant supplies area. It’s Asia, it has to exist here!

IMG_0399After much searching around the faithful internet, I found my kitchen mecca – Shanghai Street. You name it, they have it. And lots of it. I spent a good 3 solid hours moving back and forth from store to store. Most shops sell the same type of items and wouldn’t bargain with me so I bargained myself by price comparison. It was exhausting but in the end I came out with almost everything I was looking for including a handmade local wok!, new pots and frying pans, prep bowls…






My only regret is not being strong enough to haul back 1 – 3 of these babies. Next trip, I’ll bring the muscle/Joel with me to get them home. Cheap and authentic! That’s all a chef could ask for in Asia.



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