Island Hopping


One of my favorite parts of Hong Kong is the many day long adventures you can take via a 20 – 30 minute ferry to one of HK’s many islands. So far, we’ve visited three of the islands and each one turned out to be more interesting than the last.


First up was a day trip to Lamma Island. Lamma is considered more of a ‘hippie’ island, so I was of course very much at home. Local seafood is caught on the shores and served super fresh. Joel and I enjoyed several dishes of spicy and garlic coated local fare including the mantis shrimp. At this point however, I think I’ve gotten that out of my system. Especially since they seem to be some smart, albeit asshole, crustaceans. After all mantis shrimp can detect cancer; Best to stop eating them.






After a 2 hour long hike through Lamma, we ended in the main village with some great NZ and California craft beers and views of the dock and local fishermen. Not a bad Saturday.


Next up was Lantau Island, the largest island and home to Hong Kong’s airport and The Big Buddha. Joel’s cousin, Steve, was in town and we went together to see the Big Buddha as well as the ground and adjoining monastery. The long trip up on a gondola over the mountains and water was quite breathtaking. And while quite busy and touristy, The Big Buddha itself is actually pretty incredible. And, BIG. We went mid-week so it was not as crowded as I imagine it could be. I have been told to avoid it, but I think the contrary. It’s an impressive sight when visiting Hong Kong.


Finally, our island hopping journey thus far has commenced with Cheung Chau. Cheung Chau is also a fishing village with picturesque docks filled with boats. We wondered the tiny streets, ate fresh fish balls, hiked the “mini great wall“, saw some (apparently) well known rock formations and enjoyed the scenery and people watching.






Lamma turned out to be my favorite island. Fish followed by hiking and ended with beers and a view sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday away from home. Better yet, only a 20 minute ferry ride away!


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