Mini-Holiday in Taipei


When I was invited on a brief holiday out of Hong Kong to Taipei, Taiwan and I immediately jumped at the chance. Taipei is a quick flight away, a place I’ve never been and cheap (good news for someone not working!).

While it was only 3 days, we packed as much in as we could, all the while, feeling out the city. Taipei is much more spread out than Hong Kong so we did get lost. Often. If you know me, then you know how good I am with directions, especially when Joel is not around.



The weather was also not on our side – chilly and rainy – but we did still spend most of our time outside. Highlights include a visit to the original Din Tai Fung for incredible dim sum, a day at the Beitou Hot Springs (beautiful and reminiscent of Japan!), a trip outside the city to the old mining town of Jiufen and an afternoon at Eslite Spectrum where I was able to purchase amazing bread to bring home.

Quick, but exciting first trip in Asia!


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