Ohay 2016!

Fishmix is back!

Wow, it’s been a whole year since I’ve documented our explorations. Could I possibly recap 365 days worth of travel, work, fun food, etc. in one post? Let’s give it a try!

First, we continued to explore Hong Kong with each other and friends from near and far –


Joel and I have stuck with our plan to travel somewhere, at least once a month including –


Tokyo + Kyoto

Beijing + Shanghai+Shenzhen




Ho Chi Minh City+ Hanoi


Taipei + Tainan City


And finally – Cambodia for Christmas

Aside from travel, we hiked Lantau Peak! After 6 hours of hiking, this is the best I could do –


I started a new role that I absolutely love at Loewe as Head of Visual Merchandising.


We took the 16 hour flight back to America to visit family – including the adorably sweet Nina


We watched our friends get married in a beautiful and classy New York wedding


We also celebrated 5 years of marriage!



With so many more travel plans, big work projects, tattoos, family and friends visits as well as some sister wedding planning – 2016 is looking good and it just started!


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